(Performance, 30min 2022~)





Tranquilizer is composed of flowing movements, primitive lines and particles, and coding and game engine interfaces and introspective monologues that evoke the flow of invisible energy.

For Okamoto, who has been juggling for many years, juggling is no longer an acrobatic technique, but has been sublimated into “a point of view that considers the flow of energy that occurs between objects and bodies. From this perspective, for example, even a single phenomenon such as “falling” can be seen as a complex, logical, and inevitable flow of a vast number of factors, including “weight,” “temperature,” “air pressure,” “wind,” “object shape,” “object texture (friction),” “collision judgment,” “elasticity,” and so on. And, of course, the body is part of this flow.

Okamoto, who appears on stage, explains the movement of energy involved in juggling, or “objects” and “bodies,” and weaves his movements as if to confirm the phenomenon. Objects fall and transmit energy to the hands. The hand receives the object, rotates with its weight, and throws it up again. As I thought about the flow of energy with juggling, I came to believe that “reality” is the feeling that one’s body exists in various “energy flows.

He will examine this “reality” while moving back and forth between the inside and outside of the video, making full use of various staging techniques, including explanations of physical simulations using computer graphics, visualization of movement trajectories using image processing, and video performances.

Direction/Performance : Teruki Okamoto
Production : Room Kids
Special Thanks : PM Juggling

横浜国際舞台芸術祭YPAMフリンジ 出展作品( https://ypam.jp/programs/fr91 )※黒沼千春とのユニット「I/O」として