(Performance, 10min 2020~)




There is really only energy in the world. The energy that exists in space, in the body, and in things. As in the Buddhist doctrine of “color equals emptiness,” all things are not solid, but rather energy is unevenly distributed and solidified, taking the form of bodies and objects, drifting and accumulating without solidifying into a form. Okamoto has developed this view of the world as he has continued to think through the “movement of energy” in juggling.

Objects and bodies are nothing more than forms in front of the flow of energy, and it is when these forms interact with each other that the “flow of energy” is born. It is a phenomenon that appears when various physical elements are combined in a complex but simple, logical, and inevitable manner, such as the flow of water and wind, or the movement of a school of fish.

In today’s world, where information and its noise abound like a torrent, we must constantly continue to prove the inevitability of our existence. Okamoto believes that in such an age, simply feeling the simplicity of order and remembering that even the human body is in fact only a part of that greater order should lead to the affirmation of existence.

Creation and Performed : Teruki Okamoto
Programing : Teruki Okamoto
Music : Teruki Okamoto
Lighting : Takamasa Yamada
Video : Masahiro Sekiya
Production : Kenji Matsumae