(Video, 10min 2023~)





Gymnasium no longer in use. Packed in a bag are old VHS magnetic tapes. The man continues to disassemble the VHS tapes alone in the vast space, as if he were checking the world or checking himself.

Today, with the development of technology, we are inundated with an enormous amount of diverse information and its noise like a torrent, and the sense of the body continues to fade away. The man feels a strong sense of fear, as if he does not exist anywhere unless he confirms the connection between the world, things, his body, and his memories. He confirmed this by disassembling the VHS, which was like a capsule full of memories.

Soon the man’s anxiety escalated and the act accelerated. He struggles as he wraps and mixes magnetic tapes around his body, trying to connect more closely with the world, with things, with his body, and with his memories. As if melting with the memories of the past, he is trapped by the memories of the past.

In the end, all memories merge and the man reaches the sea. The steps still continue. Could he remember anything?

Direction : Masahiro Sekiya
Performance : Teruki Okamoto
Production : Room Kids