Energy Trail Kaleidoscope

is Visual art project by multimedia performer Teruki Okamoto.
The particles are generated from Okamoto’s juggling orbit.
Using objects, bodies, and their communicative information, the same image will never appear twice.

This project is driven by Okamoto’s interest Investigating “Physical information” cultivated from Juggling.

Over the years of juggling, Okamoto has come to see juggling as more than just an acrobatic skill, but also as a way of thinking about the connection between things and the body.

Things move when energy is transmitted from the body to the thing, and the body moves when that energy is transmitted back to the body. When various elements such as air and gravity, not to mention the nature and condition of objects and the body, react without excess or deficiency, and an inevitable balance is achieved, some kind of physical feeling is established within this connection. For Okamoto, the act of juggling is the search for such a feeling.

Okamoto began creating the visual artwork “Energy Trail Kaleidoscope” in the hope of extracting this “physical feeling” itself and establishing it as some kind of trace.


1.Tracking Juggling Orbit

2.Generate particles from orbit.

3.coloring/tiling according to algorithm

Okamoto, a juggling world championship winner, is also a media artist.
He uses image processing to obtain the trajectory of the objects he juggles and generates line particles from them.
He then colors and decorates them according to an algorithm he has prepared.
From the huge number of images generated in this way, selected ones are rendered and minted.
Since the images are based on physical information such as the conditions, habits of the body, the shape of the objects, the state of the space at that time, and gravity, the same image can never be obtained twice.


In April and May, new pieces of Energy Trail kaleidoscope will be minted weekly.
After a development period in June, an animated version will be created in July and sold in July and August.
After another development period, we hope to launch a new version of the Energy Trail kaleidoscope in the winter.
In addition to the already planned campaigns, we would like to hold other campaigns as needed, depending on the number of Twitter followers and discord participants.
Okamoto is not only an NFT artist, but also an internationally active performance artist, and has already been selected to participate in several fringe festivals online.
He often applies his knowledge of performance work to his visual work, and often uses the techniques he has learned in his visual work in his performance work as well.
The two axes are synergistically enjoyable. Please join us if you are interested in that as well.
Of course, this is tentative, and we will send out more detailed and up-to-date information on discord, so please join us!

Generative works or non-character works are not yet a major genre for NFT arts, I know.

Still, for me, who had been doing performance works that were limited in time and place,
it was very innovative that digital works as traces of my work come to have the some value.
From here, I would like to create works that deepen our relationship with the body, things, and the world,
and I hope that NFT arts will become a means of deeper artistic dialogue.

If you agree, please support us. Please use it as a header or background image!

Teruki Okamoto

Teruki Okamoto is a Multimedia Performer / Visual Artist / Juggler based in Japan.

In 2007, he won a prize at an international juggling competition, and since then he has performed at numerous dance, magic, theater, and other stage events in Japan and abroad. 2009, he was a guest performer on the ShoeboxTour, a circus performance tour around the U.S., and performed in 10 locations in North America. He was an artist in residence for “Meets KENPOKU” in 2018 and exhibited at the Nakanojo Biennale in 2019., ” He is currently expanding his activities beyond the circus.

Juggling generally refers to acrobatic techniques, but Okamoto considers juggling broadly to be “the act of creating new visuals by looking at the form and inherent energy of an object and connecting the body to it,” and transmits the process of his research as performance and visual works. At the root of every project is Teruki’s enthusiasm for the flow of energy itself and the visuals that emerge from it. In addition to his high level of juggling technique and his commitment to physical movement, Teruki has received acclaim both in Japan and abroad for the beauty of his landscapes.

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