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書道の師範でもある黒沼千春はダンスと書道のより深い次元での融合を目指し、 ジャグリング国際大会入賞者でもある岡本晃樹はジャグリングに培われた視点でものと体の間の運動原理を取り出そうとする。 共通するのはダンスと異なる視点を融合させる研究の過程として振付作品を制作していることだ。


また、2021年夏に開催されたスコットランドの演劇祭、Edinburgh Festival Fringeに出展し好評を得た、黒沼、岡本の過去の作品映像も今冬限定で販売中。

A double bill: Chiharu Kuronuma & Teruki OKAMOTO

Kuronuma is known as both a choreographer and a calligrapher. She developed a theoretical framework for integrating 2D calligraphy into a 3D bodily expression by employing aspects of the Laban Movement Analysis. Okamoto is a juggler and choreographer and was awarded in an international competition.

He has been working on the discovery of the "Principle of Motion" through his juggling perspective. Both use choreography as part of a research process that unites dance with another perspective.

Chiharu Kuronuma


After receiving a diploma in Contemporary Dance from Trinity Laban Conservatoire (UK), performed and conducted workshops in East and Southeast Asia, Additionally, appeared in Japan as a performer in commercials, and both performed in and choreographed music videos. Officially licensed to teach calligraphy and working as Calligrapher as well.

Teruki Okamoto


International Juggling Competition Junior 3rd.
He focuses not on Juggling technique itself, but on the perspective formed through Juggling. And he has produced the works about "Connection between stuffs, world, and human's body with juggling perspective.
He makes the theory, human body and stuffs are equally the "shape", and juggling is the abstracted shape of energy. And making works visualizeing these theory with new media technique.

Facebook:Teruki Okamoto
Instagram: @terukiokamoto